Connect Through Stories

The staff of a private British University located in Prague shared their personal stories to connect with people on a personal level.

Our personal experiences are what make us unique. Stories have been since the dawn of humanity the best means of transmission to educate, elevate and inspire people. The best way to share the valuable principles that you have learned so far is to encapsulate them into an authentic story. 

Educating, elevating and inspiring are as well some of the most important pillars of leadership. As John C Maxwell said: “leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less”. 

So, I coached and helped the university’s program leaders, associate lecturers, and staff members to share with the world their best stories in order to depict a portrait of the school through its people and not their wonderful catalogues and PowerPoint presentations.

I coached program leaders, associate lecturers, and staff members using a simple method inspired by a few NLP pillars and my 15 years of experience of listening to my clients and students to meet their needs and overcome their reluctance to speak to a camera. Someone will tell his or her personal story only you connect it to universal laws, values and principles.” Christophe Slussareff

Christophe Slussareff: Artistic direction/ Illustrations/ Animations
Client: Prague College