Interactive Video Mapping

“Breath life into the statue and let her talk…”

Interactive Video mapping projects for the museum.
The interactivity connects the audience to the story that is being told.
The presence of the visitor brings life to the sculpture asleep.
n the absence of a listener, the stories of our past
remain quietly forgotten.

The best interactive project built on Kinect at the
ICEC – the International Conference on Entertainment Computing in Bremen, Germany
The ICEC International Conference on Entertainment Computing explores the application of computational technology to entertainment and brings together practitioners and researchers interested in the art and design of entertainment computing applications.
Concept, post-production, video-mapping: Christophe Slussareff.
Interactive features: Stephane Kyles.
Audio-Visual Production: Michael Gimenez & Martin Klimpar
Production: Michaela & Christophe Slussareff
Sculpture: Jan Kovarik