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Hello! I am Christophe Slussareff:

I grew up in Marseille, France and I drew since I can remember. And I still am.

Since 2000, I have been experimenting in the field of digital media art, audio-visual production & installation, management, and teaching.

In 2005 I gained my MA in visual and fine art with the congratulations of the Jury, at the Fine Art School of Marseille, France.

Nowadays, I am based in Prague, the Czech Republic.


Within my career:

I have been artistically and technically assisting recognized artists while I was a fine art student in Marseille. I arrived in Prague, Czech Republic in 2006 where I started producing audio-visual content for various clients:

  • music bands,
  • corporations,
  • NGOs,
  • interactive installations and prototypes for museums, etc.In these projects, I take the role of the director, cameraman, sound recordist, senior video editor, and 2D / 2,5D motion designer, as well as illustrator, storyboard artist, storyteller, and visual artist. I direct teams of 2D / 3D artists and composers (see my whole portfolio here).

From 2007 and 2019 now I taught audio-visual techniques and post-production as well as audio-visual communication and 2D motion design at Prague City University.

In a cultural NGO in Prague for several years I managed European Projects in the cultural and media fields (supported by the EU Culture & Media Program), involving between three and five different countries.



I am open to working for book publishers and video game developers as a concept artist, illustrator etc.

Concept Sketches